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    The City-County Health Department, though it once shared a building with Alluvion Health (formerly the Community Health Care Center), is an entirely separate agency that does not provide medical services for individuals. We are a public health department, not a clinic. We do provide immunizations in order to improve health for the whole population of the County, and for the same reason, we test for and monitor certain chronic or communicable diseases. However, we do not provide any regular health care or doctors’ appointments. Because we are not a medical clinic, we cannot answer questions about insurance, billing, medications, health conditions, mental or behavioral health issues, referrals, appointments with physicians or other healthcare providers, etc. Therefore, if you are a patient at Alluvion Health, you will need to contact the clinic directly to discuss any of the above issues. You can find their contact information online. If you wish to discuss your immunization record or have questions about immunizations, please call CCHD at 406-454-6950 and ask to speak to the immunizations desk. For your privacy and security, CCHD employees cannot discuss health records via email.
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