Why is plan review required?

Plan review really is just what it sounds like—a review of your plan. For you, it’s putting your ideas to paper to show that you have everything you need to operate safely and within the rules.   

For us, it’s a tool and a service we provide to you. When you turn in your application, we look at whether or not you have the equipment you need to make the menu items you want to offer. Then we look at how the equipment, sinks, hoods, and other spaces work in the facility. Is there ventilation where it needs to be? Are the hand sinks in the right places so that crucial hand washes aren’t missed? Is there enough storage space? Have you located everything so that dirty tasks do not influence food prep areas of the kitchen? The plan review process allows us to interact with you early, develop a relationship, give you pointers, and make sure the facility supports what you are doing before you sink money into it and have make costly changes. 

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