Why didn't I receive a reward?

There could be several reasons why you did not receive a reward. The information although very good may need more investigation before an arrest and the reward may come later. Another reason may be the person may have already been arrested just prior to your tip or the person could not be located.

It is very important you retain the issued "caller ID number", as this is the only way to receive a reward. If a caller becomes a frequent caller and uses the same "caller ID number" the information received may develop a pattern of being reliable thus increasing the possible rewards.

The recommendations of reward values are made by the arresting officers based on many factors that may include, but are not limited to, the location and description of suspects, vehicles driven, friends and associates, work locations, other family members, location of evidence, witnesses, and description of activities or crimes.

Provide a Tip

If you would like to provide a tip please call 727-TIPS (727-8477).

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1. How do I receive my reward?
2. Why didn't I receive a reward?