Why are we changing the way burn permits are issued?
  • To handle the sheer volume of burn activity in Cascade County. With over thousands of permits issued each year and the potential for hundreds of activations in a single day, emergency personnel simply cannot handle such volume of non-emergency calls without interfering with true emergency traffic.
  • To prevent delays for burn permit holders looking to activate a permit.
  • To utilize technology to make the process of issuing permits, activating permits, and tracking burn locations more efficient and cost-effective for Cascade County.
  • To provide the emergency personnel with more tools to assist when determining if a report of smoke/fire is a controlled burn or a true emergency.
  • To allow Cascade County residents the ability to obtain and activate burn permits 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on approved burn days.

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1. Why do we issue permits?
2. Why are we changing the way burn permits are issued?
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6. What responsibilities am I assuming when I light my burn?
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