I Want to File a Case
  • Any criminal event needs to be reported to the appropriate agency, who will then refer it to the appropriate court.
  • Any civil issue must be handled privately and or with the aid of a private attorney. Civil filings can be done at the Clerk of Court’s Civil Office.
  • https://courts.mt.gov is a good resource to find forms on Evictions, Motions, and Wills.

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1. What should I do if I think someone has committed a crime?
2. What kind of cases does CCAO handle?
3. Can you give me legal advice on any topic?
4. Can a defendant talk to prosecuting attorneys?
5. How do I get my property or evidence back?
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7. Who is Victim Witness?
8. Who is AP&P, Adult Probation and Parole?
9. I got a traffic ticket, what do I do?
10. I Want to File a Case