THE STROLLING PIANO, a revolutionary concept in the world of musical entertainment.  The strolling piano combines the classical and sophisticated nature of a pianist/singer with the mobility of a roaming musician.

This fully mobile self-contained piano will move around to entertain you as you stroll about the fair enjoying all it has to offer. This is a truly unique entertainment option to be shared at the Montana State Fair. Be delighted intrigued and engaged as you enjoy family, friends, food, & fun!

BlakePlant Guy


Hi Folks!  Plant Guy here, just wanted to drop you a vine.   I'm
branching out into exciting new fields and want to keep you in the grow!

We won't beat around the bush, The Plant Guy is an interactive performer with a high touch of one-on-one entertainment.  Be amazed, laugh a little, or maybe even a little startled.  You will see The Plant Guy wherever he transplants himself during the 2024 Montana State Fair.


RoboCars are unique transforming robot vehicles that will stroll through the 2023 Montana State Fair.  Watch brightly colored, unique, transforming and innovative costumes come to life.  

The RoboCar concept was invented in the fall of 2009 by Drew Beaumier to compete in high prize costume contests. Since this first exhibition Drew has made several guests appearances on major U.S. television shows and traveled across this country and few others performing in a multitude of venues and events with his creative and original invention. RoboCars that are not available anywhere else on the planet!