Jack-Sparrow9Captain Jack

Has an uncanny resemblance to A-list Celebrity Johnny Depp has led him to become recognized as the world’s number one JD Look-A-Like. With their unmistakable likeness, it comes as no surprise that Captain Jack has worked personally for JD not only is he a ‘dead ringer’ for Depp but as an actor, Captain Jack has brilliantly perfected all the JD mannerisms, voice and wit, that make his impersonations of Depp and his much-loved movie characters, so remarkably convincing. 

Award-winning actor, Musician and Celebrity Impersonator, Captain Jack began his show business career at the age of 7yrs, appearing in his first TV Commercial. A veteran of over 500 musical productions, stage plays TV Shows and Films, he has firmly established a solid reputation in the world of entertainment.

Captain Jack has performed in 48 States, in 22 different countries, on four continents as an actor, tribute artist and impersonator. His work has been featured in the LA Times, USA Today, VH-1, MTV, E! Channel, CNN, the Chicago Tribute, NY Times and Entertainment Weekly.  Entertainment Weekly reported that Danny is “An Actor With Incredible Range.”

KARDENNI IMAGE 2Kardenni, an Award winning magician with +20 years of experience, guarantees to provide a performance to remember.  With his truly unique style of clever, interactive, comedy magic, he encourages his audience to think and laugh at the same time, providing fun and entertainment for all ages.  He captivates his audience as he flies from one highly skilled and impressive effect to another!   Moments are what make the magic! Sophisticated fun, mind expanding miracles, & intelligent comedy magic!


pianoThe Strolling Piano, a revolutionary concept in the world of musical entertainment.  The strolling piano combines the classical and sophisticated nature of a pianist/singer with the mobility of a roaming musician.

This fully mobile self contained piano will move around to entertain you as you stroll about the fair enjoying all it has to offer. This is a truly unique entertainment option to be shared at the Montana State Fair. Be delighted intrigued and engaged as you enjoy family, friends, food, & fun!

robocars2Robots & Cars Entertainment Inc.

Robots And Cars Entertainment is an innovative strolling act and costume services company. All services are rendered in house from building our one of a kind costumes, marketing and booking, as well as training and providing operators. We are currently traveling across the U.S. and available worldwide.

The RoboCar concept was invented in the fall of 2009 by Drew Beaumier to compete in high prize costume contests. Since this first exhibition Drew has made several guests appearances on major U.S. television shows and traveled across this country and few others performing in a multitude of venues and events with his creative and original invention. The R.A.C.E. team now offers Drew Beaumier and his creations to you! Book a RoboCar and operator for your next event! We continually upgrade and redesign concepts annually to ensure that our clients have access to the newest RoboCars that are not available anywhere else on the planet!