Report A Crime

Report a crime to the Cascade County Sheriff's Office.

Use of our online system is entirely voluntary and is provided for citizen convenience to report certain crimes which do not require an immediate Deputy response to the scene. If a citizen has been involved in a traffic collision in the County or on the highway, they will want to report that to the MT Highway Patrol or dispatch like they always have.

When a user accesses our Online Crime Reporting System, the user must acknowledge: 

  • This is not an emergency,
  • This is not an in-progress crime,
  • This incident occurred either within Cascade County or within the city limits of one of our contract towns, Belt or Cascade, 
  • There was no seizable evidence left behind,
  • You or the business are the victim, 
  • You must have a valid e-mail address,
  • Misdemeanor incidents only ($1,500 or less, if applicable).  

When in doubt if you should complete an online report versus having a Deputy respond to your incident, you can always call Dispatch and they will guide you on your best course of action.  

To begin filing a report with the Cascade County Sheriff's Office click here.

To begin filing a supplemental report with the Cascade County Sheriff's Office click here.