Caregiver/ Respite


Cascade County Aging Services provides Caregiver Services to clients 60 and over to facilitate their ability to continue to live independently and in their own home.  Services include light cleaning, such as, vacuuming, bed making, laundry, bathroom cleaning, dusting.  The service will also do grocery shopping for clients who are unable to go on their own and/or assist clients in the store that require help and cannot go alone.  We cannot provide personal care, such as bathing, medication distribution and other home health related services. We do not bill for services, but ask for a $15/hour suggested donation from those who can pay to offset the costs of providing the program. 

Eligibility Requirements for Caregiver:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • Physical limitations or health conditions that require the need for additional help with chores and shopping
  • Limited family support system is a factor in considering eligibility
  • While income is not a factor, priority is given to seniors who have the greatest economic and social need, have low income, are a member of a low-income minority group, reside in a rural area, have limited English proficiency or are at risk of institutionalization

Respite services are provided short-term, one day a week for a block of 4-6 hours to allow the primary care giver for a person over 60 years of age to handle household tasks, such as grocery shopping, bill paying, socializing as well as their own appointments. It will allows the primary caregiver time out of the home to meet their own needs and gives them a much needed break.  A suggested donation of $15/hour is requested to offset the cost of providing the services. 

Eligible Requirements for Respite Services:

  • While caregiver does not need to be 60 years of age, they must be caring for a person who is 60 years of age or older and cannot be left alone due to illness, disability or other factors
  • Income is not a factor considered for eligibility. Assistance with paying for Respite Services can be obtained  through the Montana Lifespan Respite Program

Both services require an intake to determine need as well as eligibility for the program.  Intakes can be arranged by calling Betty Langan at 454-6990 or emailing [email protected]