Quit Line

Every day, 4 people in Montana die prematurely from tobacco-related causes. The good news is that Montana provides a free service for tobacco users to help them fight their addictions.

Montana Tobacco Quit Line Services

A free telephone service for all Montanans - 800-QUIT-NOW

  • A free personalized quit plan
  • Free cessation coaching personalized quit plan
  • 5 free pro-active cessation coaching sessions
  • 4 free weeks of nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches or lozenges) if appropriate, for cigarette or smokeless tobacco users
  • Chantix at a reduced cost ($25 co-pay)
  • Free educational materials for health care providers as well as friends and families of tobacco users
  • A fax referral system for health care providers who have patients that want to quit using tobacco
  • Trained staff that offers culturally appropriate services for American Indians