Clean Indoor Air Act

95% of Montana adults believe secondhand smoke is harmful to health. Protecting citizens from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke is one of the most important measures a state can take to improve public health. The 2005 legislature amended the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act to clarify that the rights of citizens to breathe smoke free air takes priority over the desire to smoke.

Nine in 10 Montanans support the Clean Indoor Air Act for restaurants and 3 out of 4 Montanans support it for bars, taverns and casinos. The law also prohibits the use of tobacco products in all public school and in any indoor area, room, or vehicle that the general public is allowed to enter or that serves as a place of work. Bars and casinos were granted a temporary exception to the law and had until October 1, 2009 to comply.

For more information about the Clean Indoor Air Act, call toll-free 866-787-5247.

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