Immunization Clinic

The City-County Health Department (CCHD) Immunization Clinic provides vaccinations for children and adults of all ages, including travel immunizations, by appointment only at this time. 

Second only to safe drinking water in preventing illness and death, immunizations save approximately three million lives a year or nearly 10,000 per day world-wide.


No child is denied immunizations due to inability to pay! 

Insurance covers many vaccinations, including flu shots. Please call 406-454-6950 or your insurance company to learn whether a specific immunization is covered, prior to receiving it.


Shots & Immunizations

During this pandemic, please call ahead (406-454-6950) to make an appointment for your family’s immunizations.

Tuberculin Testing (TB Skin Tests or PPD)

The TB skin test is a two-part test. The first day, your forearm is injected with a small amount of PPD solution and then you must return 48 to 72 hours later to have your arm examined.

  • Part One: days & times tests are administered
    • Tests can be administered every day except Thursday. Please call 406-454-6950 to make an appointment.
  • Part Two: days & times tests are read
    • Tests can be read any day of the week. Please call 406-454-6950 to make an appointment.