Circle of Security

Program Benefits

Circle of Security parenting classes teach participants how healthy attachment and relationships can:

  • Decrease mental health issues
  • Help your child develop higher self-esteem and emotional stability
  • Improve school readiness

Our infants and toddlers are sending us "coded" messages about what they need. Learn to recognize these messages for a happier child.

Pre-registration is required. Please call 406-761-9896 to register!

Circle of Security

The Circle of Security Parenting Class  is an 8-week, evidence-based class which helps parents understand the need for a healthy attachment between themselves and their children and teaches ways of enhancing that bond. The Circle of Security is an early intervention program for parents and children that focuses on the relationships which give children emotional support.

Central to the program is the Circle of Security map, which helps parents and other caregivers to follow children's relationship needs and learn how to become emotionally available to them. The map draws a very clear link between attachment and learning.

The Circle of Security help you to look beneath children's behavior to discover their genuine relationship needs.

Home Visitation Staff

Our home visitation staff offers the Circle of Security Parenting training during home visits and for small groups.


This is not what I thought a parenting class would be like. This is life changing, not only with my child, but with others around me. I am telling every parent I know that they need to attend this class! - Former Circle of Security Participant

I learned to acknowledge my shark music and not become mean. - Former Circle of Security Participant

This class not only helped me with my parenting, but it helped with all of my relationships. - Former Circle of Security Participant