Trailer Courts

City-County Health Department Environmental Health annually inspects all state licensed trailer courts and campgrounds in Cascade County to ensure an adequate level of sanitation in:

  • Refuse disposal
  • Sewage disposal
  • Water supply

Health Department Sanitarians inspect trailer courts on an annual and complaint basis.


A trailer court is defined in state law as a parcel of land upon which two or more spaces are available to the public and designated for occupancy by trailers or mobile homes for use as residences.

A campground is a parcel of land available to and principally used by the public for camping, where persons can camp, secure tents or cabins, or park trailers for camping and sleeping purposes.

Any proposed new trailer court or campground must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Environmental Quality. Plans may also be subject to review by the local planning department.

Helpful Resources

For more information please visit Montana's Department of Public Health and Human Services for information on laws governing trailer courts and campgrounds.

For additional information, please contact a local Sanitarian.