Concealed Weapons Permits

The Cascade County Sheriff's Office issues Concealed Weapons Permits in accordance with Montana State Law. In an effort to assist qualified citizens with obtaining their permits and educating the public about concealed weapons the following information and links are provided. If you have further questions please contact Lieutenant Landon Koteskey at 406-454-7689.

Outline of the Application Process

The following is an outline of the application process for obtaining a concealed weapons permit through the Cascade County Sheriff's Office. Anyone wishing to obtain a Concealed Weapon's Permit from the Cascade County Sheriff's Office must meet the following criteria (Reference 45-8-321. Permit to carry concealed weapon.)

  1. United States citizen or permanent lawful resident
  2.  18 years of age or older
  3. A valid Montana driver's license or other form of identification issued by the state that has a picture of the person identified.
  4. An applicant must have been a resident of the state for at least 6 months. Full-time military, please contact Lieutenant Landon Koteskey at 406-454-7689.
  5. Shall be required by the sheriff to demonstrate familiarity with a firearm by:
    1. Completion of a hunter education or safety course approved or conducted by the department of fish, wildlife, and parks or a similar agency of another state
    2. Completion of a firearms safety or training course approved or conducted by the department of fish, wildlife, and parks, a similar agency of another state, a national firearms association, a law enforcement agency, an institution of higher education, or an organization that uses instructors certified by a national firearms association
    3. Completion of a law enforcement firearms safety or training course offered to or required of public or private law enforcement personnel and conducted or approved by a law enforcement agency
    4. Possession of a license from another state to carry a firearm, concealed or otherwise, that is granted by that state upon completion of a course that is the same as (a)-(c) above.
    5. Evidence that the applicant, during military service, was found to be qualified to operate firearms, including handguns.
    6. A photocopy of a certificate of completion of a course described above, an affidavit from the entity or instructor that conducted the course attesting to completion of the course, or a copy of any other document that attests to completion of the course and can be verified through contact with the entity or instructor that conducted the course creates a presumption that the applicant has completed a course described above.

If the above qualifications are met the applicant must then complete the following:

  1. Obtain a current set of fingerprints from our office. We currently offer this service from Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 11:00 am. Fingerprints are conducted on a first come, first served basis. The cost is $5 (non-refundable and you must have exact change) and you must pay with cash. No checks will be accepted! For fingerprints not associated with a concealed weapons permit, the charge is $10.
  2. Agree to submit to a criminal background check and have your picture taken at the time of applying for the permit.
  3. Fully complete the Concealed Weapons Permit Application form (Reference 45-8-322. Application, renewal, permit, and fees) and sign in front of Sheriff's designee at our office when submitting the application. Your payment of $50 for a new application or $25 for a renewal is due at this time and must be made in cash. (No checks will be accepted!) No refunds will be given as a result of error or omission by the applicant.

Once the above is filed with our office, if no reason is found for denial of the permit, a four year permit to carry a concealed weapon will be issued within 60 days of the filing of the application.

Note on Renewals

Per Statue, an application to renew a Concealed Weapon Permit can be made up to 90 days prior to the permits expiration date. Applicants with expired permits must reapply and will be charged the new application fee of $50, plus an additional $5 finger printing fee. Renewals are not given for expired Concealed Weapon Permits.

Montana Code

The following are links to the Montana Code Annotated dealing with Concealed Weapons:

  • 45-8-315. Definition.
  • 45-8-316. Carrying concealed weapons.
  • 45-8-317. Exceptions.
  • 45-8-321. Permit to carry concealed weapon.
  • 45-8-322. Application, renewal, permit, and fees.
  • 45-8-323. Denial of renewal - revocation of permit.
  • 45-8-324. Appeal.
  • 45-8-325. Permittee change of county of residence - notification to sheriffs and chief of police.
  • 45-8-326. Immunity from liability.
  • 45-8-327. Carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence.
  • 45-8-328. Carrying concealed weapon in prohibited place - penalty.
  • 45-8-329. Concealed weapon permits from other states recognized - advisory council.
  • 45-8-330. (Temporary) Exemption of concealed weapon permittee from federal handgun purchase background check and waiting period.

Other Links of Interest

  • The Montana Code Annotated
  • 45-3-101. Definitions.
  • 45-3-102. Use of force in defense of person.
  • 45-3-103. Use of force in defense of occupied structure.
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  • 45-3-105. Use of force by aggressor.
  • Attorney Generals Office - Department of Justice - Concealed Weapons Page