Food Services & Safety

There is a wide variety of food operations that City-County Health Department deals with routinely. A plan review/permit application, pre-opening inspection and licensing are required of all new or remodeled food service establishments in Cascade County.

Licensing Options

The following licensing options we have available by existing laws and ordinances. For reference, we have posted information about food safety and the Montana Administrative Rules related to food service.

  • Administrative Rules of Montana and Food Service
  • Food Safety
  • Food Service Establishment Licensing
    • Farmer's Market
    • Food Manufacturing
    • Mobile Units
    • Temporary/Short Term Establishments
    • Permanent Establishments

What is a Food Service Establishment?

By definition in MCA 50-5-1-2 (8) "food service establishment" means an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends or otherwise provides food for human consumption in mobile, stationary temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent facility or location; where consumption is on or off the premises and regardless of whether there is a charge for the food. The term does not include a few select food services of very low risk, such as non-potentially hazardous baked goods for charitable functions or church bake sales.

Note: City-County Health Department does not allow semi-permanent food services in Cascade Co. due to wastewater regulations.

Consumer Complaints

File a complaint regarding a food or other licensed establishment here.

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