Weed & Mosquito

Weed and Mosquito Vehicle on the FieldResponsibilities

The Division's primary functions are the management of mosquitoes and noxious weeds throughout Cascade County. These functions are facilitated through: 

  • Integrated management techniques involving the use of herbicides and insecticides
  • Biological control agents
  • Promotion of land use practices that prevent or mitigate problem development
  • Provision of education and public awareness programs

Land Owner Involvement

The Division works with and assists landowners in the areas of problem identification and mapping, management plan development, grant application, and the acquisition and distribution of biological control agents. The Division also has portable sprayers available for county residents to rent for noxious weed control.


The Weed and Mosquito Division had 32 employees during 2018. Of these employees, three are full time, leaving twenty-nine 29 as seasonal/temporary employees. Of the full-time employees, one is the Division Superintendent and two are field supervisors who work in both the weed and mosquito areas.