Community Health Improvement

Healthy Lives Vibrant Futures Coalition (HLVF)

The Healthy Lives Vibrant Futures Coalition (HLVF) addresses top health concerns for Cascade County. Every three years, a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) public survey is conducted to identify top health priorities. That data is presented to the public and community feedback is utilized to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

HLVF steering committee members help ensure that their agencies are implementing the strategies outlined in the CHIP. Many local agencies are already actively working towards improving the issues listed in the CHIP, and the priority area committees give organizations an opportunity to share their progress, pool resources, and determine what further action can be taken to improve the health of our community.

HLVF is comprised of representatives from:

  • Alliance for Youth
  • Benefis Health System
  • Cascade City-County Health Department
  • Alluvion Health
  • Great Falls Clinic
  • Get Fit Great Falls
  • United Way of Cascade County
  • Indian Family Health Center
  • Many more organizations!

Priority Health Concerns

The main health concerns to emerge from recent surveys are:

  1. Improving access to health care
  2. Preventing alcohol & substance abuse
  3. Preventing child abuse & neglect
  4. Maintaining a healthy weight

Current CHNA and CHIP

The most recent CHNA was conducted in 2022, and that data was used to develop the 2023-2025 CHIP

Past CHNAs and CHIPs

Local Committees & Coalitions for Action

Several local committees and coalitions meet regularly and work towards improving the health and safety of Cascade County's residents and implementing the current CHIP. CCHD and partnering agencies and organizations have staff members that sit on and actively take part in these groups. These coalitions include the Substance Abuse Prevention Alliance (SAPA), Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect taskforce (PCAN), and Get Fit Great Falls (GFGF).

Learn More

If you have any questions about these joint efforts to improve our community's health, please call 406-454-5086 or 406-590-0416!