What is on the next ballot?

May 4, 2021 Election Day - School and Special Purpose District Elections

School district and special purpose districts have elections for their governing boards every year in May.

Special purpose districts are created for a specific and limited purpose. For example, there may be a volunteer fire department in your area that is governed by a board of trustees, or you may live in a subdivision with its own water and/or sewer district overseen by a board of directors. School boards oversee and manage a public school district's affairs. 

Ballots will be mailed out on April 19th for School District No 1, Centerville, Fort Shaw Irrigation and West Great Falls Drainage.

Agent Designation Forms have been mailed to property owners within the Fort Shaw Irrigation District and the West Great Falls Drainage District.  If you are a sole property owner, you will be mailed a ballot on April 19th.  If you own the property with others, we must receive the agent designation form BEFORE a ballot can be mailed.  If you haven’t received an agent designation form, you may click on the link below or contact us at 406-454-6803.