Burn Permits

The Cascade County Clerk and Recorder's Office is happy to assist you in responsible for issuing all burn permits. The following information is provided to assist the public with understanding the state laws governing burning in Cascade County and provide specific information about what materials may not be burned at any time. Please contact our County's Disaster and Emergency Services at 406-454-6900 if you have any questions about burning. 

Applying for a Burn Permit

When applying for a Burn Permit the applicant must provide their name, mailing address, phone number, and burn location(s). You can obtain a burn permit by applying online at the link below or by visiting our office. 

To purchase a new burn permit or renew an existing one

 click this link-   Burn permits 

Burn permit purchases expire on December 31st of the year that the permit was purchased.  Once a burn permit is purchased, there are no refunds!


Under the provision of State Statute 50-63-103 MCA, you are liable for any and all fire suppression costs and damages resulting from an escaped and/or uncontrolled fire. You are liable for your fires despite the fact that you have been issued a Burn Permit. This permit does not allow you to violate any city or county ordinances or state laws governing burning and all permit holders must abide by the State Air Quality Bureau's "Open Burning Regulations."


For your protection, please follow these guidelines when burning:

  • Do not set fires during the period of this permit when the weather or other conditions make it hazardous to do so.
  • The permittee must have sufficient manpower, tools, and equipment at the burn site to control the fire.
  • The fire shall be watched by the permittee or his or her agent until no live embers or smoke remain from the fire.
  • The Burn Permit covers vegetative material only. It does not cover such items as, but not limited to:
    • Chemicals or Synthetics Such as Rubber or Plastic
    • Dead Animals
    • Household Garbage
    • Treated Wood

Prohibited Items from Open Burning

The following items are prohibited from being openly burned in Cascade County at any time or place. (Reference Cascade County Open Burning Regulations Section 8-2 Prohibited Open Burning):

  • Any materials resulting from a salvage operation
  • Automobile bodies and interiors
  • Chemicals
  • Dead animals or dead animal parts
  • Food Wastes
  • Insulated wire
  • Oil and petroleum products
  • Pathogenic wastes, hazardous wastes, trade wastes
  • Poultry litter and animal droppings
  • Styrofoam and other plastics
  • Tires, rubber materials, asphalt shingles, tarpaper
  • Treated lumber and timbers
  • Wastes generating noxious odors
  • Wood byproducts other than trade wastes, such as Papers or cardboard, unless public or private garbage hauler or rural container system is unavailable

Montana Code

The following are portions of the Montana Code Annotated dealing with burning and a link to the State Air Quality Information page:

  • 50-63-103. Liability of offender for damages and costs.
  • 76-13-102. Definitions
  • 76-13-121. Permit for burning required
  • State of Montana Air Quality Information Page

Air Quality Regulations

Information on Air Quality regulations can be obtained by contacting the City-County Health Department at the following location:

  • Cascade City-County Health Department
    115 4th Street S
    Great Falls, MT 59401
  • Phone: 406-454-6950
  • Fax: 406-454-6959