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Notice of Floodplain Permit Application
Cascade County, Montana

The Cascade County Floodplain Administrator is in receipt of a Floodplain Permit Application (FP 16-21) submitted by Cliff Konesky.  The applicant is requesting permission to place a boat ramp into the FEMA regulated 100-year floodplain on his property on the Missouri River.  The property is legally described as Geocode 2892-11-1-05-05 and Parcel 2130626.  The property is addressed as 183 Big Bend Lane, Great Falls, MT 59404.

Adjacent landowners and other interested parties have fifteen (15) days from the receipt, or the publishing of this notice, to submit comments concerning this proposal to the office of the Cascade County Floodplain Administrator located at 121 4th St N, Suite 2 H/I, Great Falls, MT 59401.  Additional information can be obtained at the office or by calling 406-454-6905.

This application is reviewed for conformance with floodplain regulations only and any other permits or approvals that may be required are the responsibility of the applicant and the appropriate agency.

Susan N Conell, Floodplain Administrator, CFM

Publication Date:     Sunday, October 30, 2016






Public Notice of Passage of Resolution of Intention to Amend Cascade County Zoning Regulations

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of Cascade County, Montana, did, on the 25th of October, 2016 duly pass a "Resolution of Intention #16-95 amending Section 7 of the Cascade County Zoning Regulations."

Said Resolution of Intention amends Section 7 of the Cascade County Zoning Regulations" for the entirety of Cascade County excepting those areas within the boundaries of incorporated cities (Great Falls) and towns (Belt, Neihart, Cascade). The purpose of the proposed amendment is as follows: to allow Convenience Sales within the Mobile Home zoning district.  The proposed zoning regulations are on file for public inspection at the office of the Cascade County Clerk and Recorder located at 121 4th Street North, Suite 1B-1, Great Falls, or at the Cascade County Planning Division, 121 4th Street North, Suite 2H/I, Great Falls, MT 59401. They can also be found on the Cascade Website at

For thirty (30) days after the first publication of this notice, the Board of County Commissioners of Cascade County will receive written protests to the proposal to amend the County Zoning Regulations from persons owning real property within the district whose names appear on the last-completed assessment roll of the county.

OF CASCADE COUNTY, Montana Code Annotated

/s/ Joe Briggs, Chairman

/s/ Jim Larson, Commissioner

/s/ Jane Weber, Commissioner

/s/ Clerk & Recorder

First Publication Date:   October 30, 2016
Second Publication Date:   November 6, 2016