Human Resources

The department works with managers, supervisors, department heads, elected officials, and other county employees on a wide variety of employment-related issues. The department has responsibility for developing, revising, and administering personnel policies, which are adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.


325 2nd Avenue North #108
Great Falls, MT 59401


Phone: 1 (406) 454-6739
Fax: 1 (406) 454-6772


The Human Resource Department directs and administers resource management services for Cascade County, including:

Human Resources Director

Jeff Mora 454-6740

Recruitment and Selection Specialist

Monty (Monica) Reed 454-6739

Employee Benefits Specialist

Michaela Fraser 454-6762

Payroll Management Specialist

Corinne Cole 454-6771

Safety and Risk Management Specialist

Linda Cargill 454-6813