County Attorney

The County Attorney's Office is responsible for the legal representation of the Cascade County Board of Commissioners and the legal interests and concerns of all other departments in the County. This office also prosecutes all criminal offenses committed in the County with the exception of municipal ordinance violations. The County Attorney's office is divided into two divisions the Criminal Division and the Civil Division.



121 4th Street North #2A
Great Falls, MT 59401


Phone: 1 (406) 454-6915
Fax: 1 (406) 454-6949


Cascade County Attorneys

  • John W. Parker (County Attorney)
  • Susan L. Weber (Chief Criminal Deputy)
  • Matthew S. Robertson (Criminal Deputy, Youth Court)
  • Joshua Racki (Criminal Deputy, adult felony cases)
  • Kory Larsen (Criminal Deputy, adult felony cases)
  • Carey Ann Shannon (Chief Civil Deputy)
  • Jennifer Quick (Criminal Deputy, YINC cases)
  • Amanda Lofink (Criminal Deputy, adult felony cases)
  • Valerie Winfield (Criminal Deputy, YINC cases)
  • Ryan Ball (Criminal Deputy, Justice Court)
  • Ashley Wilkinson (Criminal Deputy, Justice Court).


  • Shannon Clancy (Paralegal)
  • Karen Jackson (Paralegal)


  • Jerri Rollins (Legal Secretary)
  • Jill Mooney (Civil Receptionist)
  • Cindy Jackson (Legal Secretary)
  • Jalyn Keighley (Discovery Clerk)
  • Linda Horacek (Discovery Clerk)
  • Diana Woods (Criminal Receptionist)
  • Clory Clark (Legal Secretary - Youth Court)