Planning Board

This is a seven member board and members can be appointed for up to three consecutive terms. Services and responsibilities of the Board include assistance in the development and administration of the Cascade County Development Plan that includes comprehensive planning and the permitting system. The board advises the County Commission on all land use matters and develops and administers Subdivision and Floodplain regulations. The board usually meets every third Tuesday of each month. For more information, contact the Cascade County Planning Office at 454-6905.

Board members are also appointed as members, or alternate members, of the County Zoning Boards of Adjustments. The Board of Adjustment terms run concurrently with their Planning Board terms.

Member Term Expires
Rob Skawinski 12/31/2020
Ken Thornton 12/31/2020
Mark Carlson 12/31/2019
Dexter Busby 12/31/2019
Dan Johnstone 12/31/2019
Richard Liebert   12/31/2020  
Elliot Merja Permanent