Historic Preservation Advisory Board

The Commission consists of nine members, four are appointed by the City Commission and four are appointed by the County Commission. Members serve three year terms. The City-County Historic Preservation Advisory Commission advises the City and County Commissions on ways to promote the preservation of the historic resources located within the city of Great Falls and Cascade County. This Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month at noon. For more information contact the City-County Planning Office at 455-8435.

Member Affiliation Term Expires
Sandra French City 04/30/2018
Carol Ann Clark City 04/30/2018
Mark Bodily County 04/30/2020
Ruthann Knudson City 04/30/2020
Peter Jennings City 04/30/2020
Del Darko County 04/30/2019
Suzanne Waring County 04/30/2019
Kristi Scott County 04/30/2019
Ken Sievert   Permanent