Senior Advisory Council

The purpose of the SAC is to advise Cascade County and Area VIII Aging on all matters related to the development and administration of the Area Agency Plan on Aging (“Plan”), including review of the Plan before and after conducting public hearings on the Plan, and, to review and comment on all community policies, programs and actions which affect older individuals. The SAC will also convene a Foster Grandparent Standing Committee in order to advise on specific programmatic issues as required by the Corporation for National and Community Services as part of their grant structure.

Please click here for meeting minutes and agendas.   Board Applications are available here.

Member Affiliation Term Expires
Sandra J. Clarke Foster Grandparent 4/30/2021
Julie Demarais Caregiver/Guardian 4/30/2021
Lynette Scriver-Colburn Aging Community Interest 4/30/2023
Albert Kunesh Aging Community Interest 4/30/2023
Bob Myers Supportive Services Provider 4/30/2021
Daniel McDonald Community Member 4/30/2021
Dale Crosby Community Member 4/30/2023
Carol J. Boughton Community Member 4/30/2023
Jona McNamee Community Member 4/30/2023
Phil Nappo Community Member             4/30/2021
James L. Larson County Commissioner Permanent